Writing your memoir is an important thing to do for yourself, your family and future generations. Often we take pictures of people and events in our lives and don't label them or write the story behind them - in time we forget what transpired and sometimes forget who some of the people are in the photographs. Future generations can trace family roots but will not be able to get to know the person behind the names and photographs.

Celebration of Life 

Celebration of Life events are a time to reflect on a friend's or relative's life and to remember their milestones and triumphs during their time with us.


A typical Memoir is well priced at $2,000 and includes:

    a questionnaire designed to jog your memory;

    four two hour interviews - recorded in person or by Skype;

    interviews with up to 5 family/friends and writing their stories;

    inclusion of photographs;

    a 10,000 word memoir (60 pages);

    a hard copy in colour photo album style; and

    a digital copy.

A typical Celebration of Life costs between $200 and $500 and includes:

    a two hour interview

    contacting up to 5 friends/family and writing their stories;

    a hard copy in colour; and

    a digital copy.

Celebration of Life Events and Memoirs Book Launch events are priced at cost plus $50 an hour.

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