Your story is your best legacy
Writing your Memoir

Leaving your story behind for future generations is time well spent.  We don't always know when we will leave this earth and it is a shame if we didn't have a chance to tell our story to the people who mattered in our lives.  Those people could be friends as well as family.  Even the most ordinary life has a story.  The process of writing a memoir gives the writer the opportunity to reflect on his/her life and be thankful. It also allows him/her to share the emotions that accompanied events in their life. 

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Wedding Table
Hosting a Celebration of Life

Hosting an event that showcases your memories is a rewarding experience.  It gives you an opportunity to thank your family and friends as you take a journey down memory lane.  It also allows people to share their memories of you as well!

A Celebration of Life event doesn't have to wait until you die, there is no better time to celebrate than the present.

Leaving a Monetary Gift

Include a legacy gift in your Will.  Name a Charity as a beneficiary of your RRSP, RRIF, Pension or TFSA.  Consider a gift that supports your family during their lifetime, and benefits the Charity when they no longer need it, such as a charitable remainder trust or a gift of property.

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Sponsor a Park Bench, Picnic Table,
Picnic Shelter, Playground

Commemorate a loved one by supporting B.C.’s by sponsoring a park bench, picnic table, or other facility in a park. Contact:  BC Parks - 778-698-4286