• Susan Ostermann

Am I Interesting Enough

“Who Will Read my Memoir – I am Just not that Interesting!” Not true. People often say that to me, I don’t really have a story. That is because you are inside your own head. At times when a person is talking about an event in their life, be it a trip to Europe, a new member to the family, or a new job, it may seem that the person they are talking to is not that interested. So they stop sharing. Again, not always true. It may have been that they caught that person at a time when they were concerned about things that were going on in their own lives at the time, they were in a hurry, or just not in the mood. When you write your Memoir, the people that you share it with will read it on their terms, in other words when they are in the mood.

When is a story a story? During my interview with a client, they may say to me “I used to ride my bike to school”. That is a cue for me to ask: what colour was the bike? do you remember how you acquired it? the model of the bike? did you ride it to school with anyone else? how far away was the school?…… the makings of a story.

“I am still young, I am going to wait”. We all hope for a long life but that doesn’t always happen. When I have finished with a client’s Memoir I bind it in such a way that it can added to in the future. I also keep track of my clients’ birthdays and special holidays. A few days after those events, I send them an email or I will call them to get an update. I keep the emails and/or notes in a file that I have on each client just in case they want to continue their journey with me.

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