• Susan Ostermann

How Writing a Memoir Helps You to Reconnect You With Your Family and Friends

Writing a Memoir is a project that involves family and friends and most are happy to walk down Memory Lane with you.

It is an opportunity to revisit places and times that struck an emotion and a memory – that memory may have been good or bad – or simply a learning experience – but it had an impact on you.

We are reminded of those we have loved and lost and those who have inspired us.

You have an opportunity to leave your legacy in your own words – and not through the interpretation of another.

The process inspires us to remember that things pass in time and we are stronger than we think – we look back and see that we have gotten through things that we never thought possible.

Research – there are so many tools now to research places and people from a time in the past creating a great opportunity to learn new things and new discoveries.

Let me help you write your story.

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