Steps to Building a Compelling Memoir

 Free Consultation


A free consultation to clarify expectations and answer any questions.

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You will given summaries that I have prepared that cover the major events for the past 7 decades to refresh your memory. These summaries include pop culture, politics music, and fashion to name a few.  Together we will complete a questionnaire that covers major events, places and people in your life.  Based on your answers, I will prepare a skeleton of each chapter of your life.




I will host four two hour interviews to fill in the memories of your life by chapter.  We can schedule more time if needed.  With your permission, I will interview your family and friends and include their stories.  I will go through your photographs with you and include them in your Memoir.

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                     Final Steps

You and I will meet to go over the final draft of your Memoir.  You will be given two copies of your Memoir - one in hard cover and one digital for presentations.

                           The Event


If you wish, we will plan and host a Memoir Launch Party for friends and relatives.

                     Let's Stay in Touch

Let's keep in touch, your book of Memoirs is presented in a format that allows for updates.  

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